Mission & Values

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Advanced Integrated Care Model

Advanced Health System (AHS) is a fully integrated, comprehensive care model that offers modern and state of the art care, amazing outcomes, and high quality surgery at low cost. Patients do not need to leave our facilities for their care. Everything patients need is available in our facilities and provided by our amazing support team. We have all Advanced trained sub-specialists available in our house.

Our foundational principles are amazing people, leading edge technology, proprietary care algorithms, real time outcomes tracking, and proven results. Our goal is to improve quality, maximize outcomes, and reduce cost through a patient centered and outpatient value based care model. We have the highest accreditation scores in the nation and are rated as one of the best surgery center companies in the world.

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Leaders in Low Cost, High Quality Care

We are outcomes focused, data backed, people powered and innovation fueled company delivering extraordinary results. we are the future of better healthcare. Our mission at Advanced Health System is to be the leaders in low cost, high quality care for our patients. Advanced delivers results. Our patients have the best clinical outcomes with 100 million data points to back it.

We have achieved double digit growth year over year and have received the Atlanta Business Chronicles Pacesetters award. We can save health systems, payers, and self insured businesses 30% of spend on surgery through site of service modification. Everyone wins including patients, payers, and providers. Whether you are coming to Advanced Health System for a kidney surgery or just an office visit, we will save you money!

Every Advanced Health Location Includes:


Modern Medical Offices


Digital Imaging


State of the Art Ambulatory Surgery Centers


Molecular Lab Testing

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Novel Clinical Trials


Clinical Research


Outcomes Tracking


Proprietary Clinical Pathways


Price Transparency

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Leaders In Medicine

We have pioneered outpatient medicine with amazing results. Our results are backed by active, real time outcomes tracking. Our physicians and leaders are nationally renown for the quality, outcomes, and trail blazing efforts. We are believers in price and outcomes transparency
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State of the Art Facilities

Our state of the art facilities include modern clinical offices, advanced molecular testing, digital imaging, high tech equipment, and state of the art surgery centers. Our enterprise grade shared services center includes a call center, central business office, human resource, and information technology team. These are housed in our ultra modern and cutting edge flagship headquarters in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.
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Technology Enabled

Advanced Health utilizes the latest cloud management, data management, integration, and information privacy and security.
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Managed Care Contracting

Our unique value proposition allows us to secure attractive rates for all commercial payers. We have access to 98% of covered lives in Metro Atlanta.